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Teacher and Student In A Classroom At School

Gladstone schools rely on more than 480 volunteers to help our students and staff.  Whether you can help an hour a week or more, we can find a role that fits your unique talents and interests.

Volunteer roles include supervising recess and helping students with reading and math skills, supervising mealtimes, decorating bulletin boards, event assistance, and helping with art projects.

To complete a volunteer application (background check required), contact District Volunteer Coordinator Theresa Schmidt at schmidtt@gladstone.k12.or.us or call 503-656-6564 ext. 265.

Why volunteer in your child’s classroom?
•  Extra adult helpers means more one-on-one help for each child.
•  You get to see what your child is learning, so you can better help them at home.
•  You will get to know your child’s teacher, and can ask the questions you have.
•  Children benefit from mentors and positive adult role models.
•  Field trips are only possible with help from volunteer chaperones.
•  If your child sees you volunteering, they will see how much you value education.
•  Children whose parents volunteer grow up to be volunteers.
•  Nothing will put a smile on your face like hanging out with kids!