Volunteering, 2022-23

In the 2022-23 school year, Gladstone’s volunteer program is welcoming back parents, grandparents, and other community members eager to make a difference in schools.

“The added support of provided by these adult mentors boosts learning progress for students and enables classroom teachers to accomplish more with their class,” said Volunteer Coordinator Theresa Schmidt.

At the elementary level, volunteers may help in classrooms, work with a small group of students, or assist a student one-on-one. They also step up to chaperone field trips, help with special events, or lead after school clubs.

“As the school year moves forward, we hope to bring back some special programs we’ve had in the past, including Lunch Buddies and the SMART reading program,” said Schmidt. “We are also eager to involve parents in launching some new after school clubs, from a Lego Club to an Oregon Battle of the Books reading club.”

Volunteering at middle school and high school looks a bit different, with parents helping to run after school clubs, coaching sports, or fundraising for school programs such as athletics, band or the senior class party.

Research shows that when students connect with adult mentors, they have better school attendance, stronger academic achievement, improved behavior, less anxiety, and greater self-esteem. When students see their parent volunteering in the school, it shows them how much the parent values education.

There are benefits for volunteers, too. Parents have the opportunity to be part of their child’s school day, meet their child’s classmates, and see first hand what is happening in the classroom. They also get the opportunity to connect with the teacher and discover ways to help their child at home.

Find out more here: http://gladstone.k12.or.us/elementary/volunteering/.

Annual applications can be completed here:

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Theresa Schmidt with any questions at 503.656.6564, ext.265 or email schmidtt@gladstone.k12.or.us.