Weather closure information

snowman-wallpaperWeather closure information

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so we want to make you aware of the many ways you can get information in the event that we announce a late-start or school closure due to extreme weather.

1) Radio & TV:  Any last minute changes in the school schedule will be announced on most Portland area news media.

2) Facebook:  “Like” us at

3) Websites:  Check the Gladstone Schools website at, or visit your school website.

4)  Sign up for Flash Alerts:  Receive an email as soon as the Superintendent posts a change in the school schedule.  Visit and follow the directions to sign up.

5)  Receive an email from Gladstone Schools:  Our new School Connects rapid response information system will send you an email when we announce a school closure or delay. To update your email address, call your school office and ask to add your current email address to your child’s Synergy records.