Why choose Gladstone Schools?

“Gladstone has the programs to help the serious student thrive, and the student who needs extra help the opportunity to succeed.” — Gladstone parent

Looking for the right fit for your child? Consider Gladstone Schools, providing a whole-child education in a friendly, small-town community.

A personal education experience:  In Gladstone, no student is a number.  When you enter the school, our team knows you and your child. This small community enables us to better meet your student’s unique needs — just one reason we have one of the highest graduation rates in Oregon.

• Early childhood learning:  With years of experience in early childhood learning, we provide a well-rounded kindergarten program that includes weekly Music, Physical Education, Discovery and Technology taught by specialists. Our preschool and kindergarten programs are housed at our renowned early childhood center, the Gladstone Center for Children & Families, a secure and welcoming facility designed for the unique needs of our youngest students.

• AP & College Credit classes:  Gladstone High offers students three ways to earn college credits in high school — AP classes (with credit by exam), Dual-credit classes (earning transferrable CCC and OIT credits), and Clackamas Community College classes offered in our school building.  With 31 college level courses to choose from, several students have earned more than 65 college credits during high school, saving money while getting a head start on college.

• Career-technical classes: Gladstone High offers 35 hands-on career & technical courses, many with college credits. Because these programs are offered on our campus, no class time is wasted getting there. That means 30% more learning time for Robotics, Graphic Design, Computer Programming, Accounting, Web Design, Medical Terminology, and much more!

• A place to belong:  In Gladstone, we know that mentorship outside the classroom matters as much as academics.  That’s why every school offers clubs and teams, from middle school Robotics and the elementary Battle of the Books to the high school Art Club & Literary Magazine, not to mention esports, plus 19 competitive athletic teams and music groups.

• After School Support:  Our schools offer academic support programs including  after-school teacher support.

• More Course Opportunities: GHS students can choose from 66 electives and earn 30 high school credits, more than in districts with mandatory study hall. Each class meets the state standard, with over 130 instruction hours per course. More class offerings means students can take more electives!

Green Schools:  Gladstone High is a nationally-recognized Green Ribbon School. All our schools were designed with solar panels on the roof that boost our energy efficiency while providing an on-site opportunity for students to study solar power. Our Environmental Science students earn science credits from the Oregon Institute of Technology. Our Outdoor School program for 6th graders is a 40-year community tradition!