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Gladstone School Board Announces: Board Position 4 Vacancy
The Gladstone School Board invites qualified individuals to apply for appointment to the School Board. The term of appointment for Position 4 will be July 12, 2018 through June 30, 2019. To qualify, individuals must:
A. Be a registered voter in the District
B. Have resided in the School District for a period of one year immediately preceding the appointment.

The Board plans to review applications from interested persons, conduct interviews with the applicants, and make the appointment at the July Board meeting.
Board Position 4 Application  Interested persons should complete the application and return it to the Superintendent’s Office by June 1, 2018.

Kraxberger Rising takes middle school to the next level
Kraxberger Rising will help our middle schoolers rise up to meet the challenges of today’s students through help in three targeted areas:
• A Student Resource Center to provide on-site clothes, food, school supplies, and social services.
• A Student Celebration Center, a gathering place to honor kindness, community, performing arts, and academic success.
• A Family Resource Center where middle school parents can mentor and learn from each other, and families can connect with support programs. [Read the full Blog]

Spring recreation classes include options for all ages
Gladstone’s community schools program offers a wide range of opportunities for to master new skills or discover a new hobby. Adult classes range from technology use, cooking, and Spanish to organic gardening, art, and investing. Driver education is offered for teens, and youth classes include several dance and sports options. Register on-line at or phone 503.650.2570.