School District News

Gladstone schools provide free summer lunch for kids
Gladstone Center for Children and Families
11 a.m. to noon, Mondays to Fridays
June 17 — August 16 [closed July 4-5]

Education Foundation raises over $52,000 for schools
Over 280 people attended the Gladstone Education Foundation [GEF] dinner and auction, netting $52,000 for Gladstone schools and youth programs. Of that, $13,000 will support development of a new dental clinic at the Gladstone Center for Children & Families.

Register for sports, arts, dance & driver education
Gladstone’s community schools program offers low-cost classes and recreation programs for children, teens, and adults. Youth classes range from hip-hop and ballet to martial arts, sports, and driver education. Adult courses include watercolor and oil painting, yoga, first aid, investing, and Spanish. To register, call 503.650.2570 or visit the website.

Gladstone graduation rate hits historic high
Gladstone’s class of 2018 had a district graduation rate of over 88 percent, up nearly 3 percent from the previous year. The rate, a historic high, is more than 9 percent above the state average. In the past five years, the district raised the graduation rate over 9 percent.