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Gladstone High offers COVID-19 vaccine clinics
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Gladstone schools upgrade to hospital-quality ventilation system

A major improvement in ventilation is underway in Gladstone Schools, expected to be completed later this fall. The district is installing UVC technology that will be 99.97% effective in cleaning air for viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

“We are working on retrofitting every air handling unit in the district,” said Facilities Manager Ryan Johnson. “The goal is improving school air quality to hospital standards.”

The UV-C technology works by using ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the airflow system, a highly effective method of destroying microorganisms.The cost of the project is covered by federal funds for upgrades needed due to COVID-19.

Until the upgrade is completed, students and staff will benefit from a ventilation system that brings in 100% fresh outside air, with no recirculation in the buildings.

Gladstone graduation rate again hits historic high
Gladstone High School’s Class of 2020 had a district graduation rate of over 92.81%. The rate, a historic high, is more than 10% above the state average and 14% higher than it was six years ago.

“All of our staff continues to work tirelessly to develop and maintain a positive and supportive educational environment for our students that leads to success,” said Gladstone High School Principal Kevin Taylor. “We have great students who value their education and work hard to meet standards and expectations. We have also initiated support and credit recovery programs to ensure students have every opportunity to graduate on time.”