School District News

Gladstone schools closed on Thursday, February 22
Gladstone Schools are closed on Thursday, February 22, due to snow. All sports and activities and Extended Day child care are cancelled. Community Schools classes are cancelled. The Gladstone Food Pantry will be open as usual from 3 to 5:30 p.m.

Gladstone opens fall applications to non-residents
Those living outside the Gladstone School District can apply now to attend Gladstone Schools in 2018-19. Open Enrollment applications, due April 1, are available here For more information, call Natalie Weninger at 503.496.3935.

Outstanding programs include:
• Kindergarten science, music, P.E., and art
• Elementary technology, music, library, and P.E.
• Culture of Care for grades K to 8.
• Middle School AVID college readiness program.
• 5-day Outdoor School for all sixth graders
• 36 college-level high school courses
• 17 on-site career-technical classes

Kraxberger Rising
Kraxberger Rising will help our middle schoolers rise up to meet the challenges of today’s students through help in three targeted areas:
• A Student Resource Center to provide on-site clothes, food, school supplies, and social services.
• A Student Celebration Center, a gathering place to honor kindness, community, performing arts, and academic success.
• A Family Resource Center where middle school parents can mentor and learn from each other, and families can connect with support programs. [Read the full Blog]