School District News

Gladstone offers fall recreation programs
From line dance and Spanish to investing, crafts, and cooking classes, the Gladstone Community Schools program offers dozens of affordable course options for all ages.

Youth options include driver education, martial arts, dance, sports, and music classes. A full list of options is at For more information, call 503.650.2570.

Back-to-School questions answered
Getting ready to send your student back to school? Here’s help.

School start dates announced
First day of school:
September 5 — grades K -6 and 9
September 6 — grades 7, 8, 10,11,12

Baskin Robbins school supply drive helps Gladstone kids
If you’d like to help Gladstone kids, pick up a few extra school supplies and drop them off at Gladstone Baskin Robbins during July or August. Your gift will help make sure that each student has what they need to start the school year and strive for academic success.

Superintendent emphasizes inclusion, equity
In his latest blog post, Superintendent Bob Stewart talks about the need to build inclusion, safety, and equity for every student. He asks students, staff, parents, and community members to join the school district in reinforcing this across Gladstone. Read the blog here.